Have we got something for you!! Anyone out there feel like they just cannot get comfortable, or sleep comfortably through the night? Does your partner like a softer bed than you do? There is brand new technology in this sleep system!

The Dream Sleep System by Reverie is designed to complement any individual. You can choose how firm or soft you like your bed. Not only this, but you can change the feel of the mattress throughout, creating softer and firmer spaces anywhere you choose. Reverie created DreamCell technology – with four levels of firmness: Extra Soft, Soft, Medium, and Firm. These sleep cells are distributed in a pattern custom developed with the sleeper, allowing each individual to find his or her perfect mattress. Click on the hyperlinks (orange text) to be directed to Reverie’s page to learn more!

We are very proud to announce, Blissful Night Mattress is the first store in the Portland area to carry the Dream Sleep System!!  Come see us to try out this new innovation in sleep! If you have any questions about this ingenious new product, feel free to post them here – and we will answer.

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