Your sleep is precious, and must be rejuvenating. Purchasing sleep products is a personal and intimate decision. Blissful Night Mattress, owned and operated by local residents, provides you with a customized sleep experience as unique as your sleep needs. We ensure customers are 100% satisfied by providing a variety of sleep products:

  • Mattresses – pillow top, foam, gel and latex
  • Pillows – 20 different styles, including aromatherapy
  • Bedroom Furnishing – from frames to full bedroom sets, to convertible sofas
  • Accessories – mattress protectors, linens

For individuals who value renewing, restorative rest, Blissful Mattress is a sleep store that provides a holistic approach to the sleep experience. Unlike traditional mattress stores, Blissful Mattress works with each customer individually to determine At blissful night, we will work with you to provide a customized sleep solution, based on your unique sleep needs. We want you to enjoy restful, rejuvenating sleep – and to do so, you must have the right sleep products. Whether you are looking for a traditional pillow top, the newest innovation in mattresses, organic sleep solutions, or top of the line linens, we can ensure your next sleep is a blissful night.his or her complete sleep needs.

About the owners…

What a journey! Having grown up in Oregon City, both Chris and Susan are incredibly excited to be opening a mattress store in our hometown. A little about us – then a little about Blissful Mattress.

Chris was born and raised in Oregon City – Chris graduating from Oregon City High School, while Susan graduated from Canby High School. We have three children – Grace, Katie, and Camden. Grace is big into volleyball and playing her guitar – she will be entering middle school in the fall. Katie, headed into the 5th grade, and Camden, preschool age, are both active in Taekwondo, working hard toward their black belts. Chris’ passion is golf, and as often as he can play, he will! Susan can typically be found knitting or running, when she have spare time of course! We love spending time all together, and getting away when we can – especially to the Oregon Coast.

Blissful Mattress is locally owned and operated seven days a week. We feature a wide selection of mattresses, adjustable bases, and bedroom furniture. The pillow selection will surely pique your interests! Having worked in the sleep industry for more than 15 years, Chris will work with you to create your ideal sleep experience, whether that includes aromatherapy pillows, Egyptian cotton linens, Euro-top, or the new Hybrid mattresses – you will find what you need to ensure a rejuvenating night’s sleep. Chris and Susan are looking forward to helping you find your bliss…

Special Financing Available!

We offer No Credit Check financing options to suit your needs and budget. We understand in todays world, we don’t always have the money for a new mattress when your mattress needs to be replaced.

Choose from our 0% financing and special no-credit-check financing.

Our special financing allows you to get the best sleep of your life without breaking the bank, or an unwanted credit check.  Get 100 days of free financing without a credit check. 
Apply online in 5 minutes and get the mattress you deserve!