Wow! Can you believe this beautiful weather we are having in the Pacific Northwest. Upper 90’s all week – and much, much more heat to come this summer! It’s such a joy to be able to get out and enjoy the summer sun!

The only downfall, is that our summer nights are not so cool – especially in homes without air conditioning. I don’t know about y’all, but a hot pillow makes sleeping nearly impossible! We just might be able to help you get some relief. We have several pillows designed to sleep cool:

Cool Tech

A new development in fabric allows for the material to stay cool to the touch, meaning your head and face will not be overheated while you are sleeping!

Blue Chill Charcoal

This is an all seasons pillow – one side has special material to keep you cool in the summer. The flip side has material that will help you keep warm in the winter – a great choice, to be sure!

Charcoal Cool Gel

A gel pillow, infused with charcoal, which naturally absorbs any of the sweat from your body at night. This pillow will help you keep cool and dry all night long.

And – if you are interested – we have mattresses with the Cool Tech technology and Charcoal infused mattresses. If you have questions, or would like to learn more about ways to stay cool during this glorious summer – please feel free to post them here – or come and visit us in the store.

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